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Nine processing platforms -- material processing,deep processing,parts and manufacturing matching


Technical Data Laser Cutting Flame Cutting Plasma Cutting
Effective Width of The Cutting ≤ 4050mm 6000mm 3500mm
Effective Length of The Cutting ≤ 32000mm 28000mm 21000mm
Effective Thickness of The Cutting 2.0-22mm - -

Cutting Platform:Coil-Cutting-Plates Equipment Cluster

Major Equipment Brands: Italy FIMI, Italy GUIDA, Italy VIGANO, Italy NOVA, South Korea Da-hyun

Available Width 100-2200mm Available Thickness 0.25-25.4mm Available Length 300-16500mm (Single Sheet Discharge MAX>20m) Machinging Capacity Thickness<10mm, Max Yield Strength≈1400Mpa
Thickness 10~15mm, Max Yield Strength≈1100Mpa
Thickness 16mm~25mm, Max Yield Strength≈500Mpa
Diagonal Length≤2000mm, Tolerance 0~1.0mm Flatness ≤0.1mm/2m
Available to Eliminate 75% of Board Surface Defects

Cutting Platform:Slitting Machine Cluster

Major Equipment Brands: Italy FIMI, Italy GUIDA, Italy VIGANO, South Korea Da-hyun

Slitting Width 8-2200mm Slitting Thickness 0.2-18mm Slitting Quantity MAX 30 Pieces Machinging Capacity Thickness<8mm, Max Yield Strength≈1200Mpa
Thickness≤10mm, Max Yield Strength≈1000Mpa
Thickness 10mm~18mm, Max Yield Strength≈800Mpa
Slitting Width Tolerance Max 0~±0.5mm Slitting Camber ≤1.5mm/2000mm Slitting Burr Max, t<1mm:≤0.05mm
Max, t ≥1mm:≤5%t

Cutting Blanking Platform:Cutting Equipment Cluster

Major Equipment Brands: Sweden Wjs, Esab, America Flow, Germany Messer,Trumpf, Japan Tanaka, Koike, Switherland Bystronic.

Water Jet Cutting Laser Cutting Plasma Cutting Machine Flame Cutting Machine Sawing Cutting Machine
Maximum Cutting Thickness 250mm 40mm 100mm 500mm 600mm
Maximum Cutting Width 4010mm 4100mm 4500mm 8000mm 2500mm
Maximum Cutting Length 12000mm 32000mm 25000mm 24000mm 8000mm
Precision Control ±0.8mm ±0.02mm ±1mm

Surface Treatment Platform:Grinding Equipment Cluster

Major Equipment Brands: Italy IMEAS, Japan Noritake

Coil Grinding Grinding Thickness 0.3 - 8mm Grinding Width 300 - 2000mm Grinding Roughness 0.4 - 3.0μm Grinding Type NO.3 / NO.4 / HL / SB / DUPULA
Plates Grinding Grinding Thickness 0.3 - 350mm Grinding Width 30 - 4800mm


CNC Bending Machine

Technical Parameters 2000t Bending Machine 3000t Bending Machine
Thickness ≤60mm(length3000mm) ≤100mm( length 3000mm)
Length 12500mm 15000mm


Forming Processing Platform:Bending, Circle Equipment Cluster

Major Equipment Brands: Sweden Ursviken, Italy Kuka,Gasparini, Nova,Germany Trumpf, Arku, Switherland Bystronic, Haeusler Ag, Japan Amada.

Bending Capacity 30-3000T Maximum Bending Length 15000mm Cutting Plate Cutting Thickness 0.4-33mm Cutting Length 100-6050mm Anti-Distortion
Circling Width Max 5000mm Coil Thickness Max 200mm Correct Flat Machining Width 100-2650mm Machining Thickness 1-60mm Flatness 0.5mm/1m

Welding Platform

Plasma Welding, Strip Electrode Surfacing Welding, Argon Arc Welding, Tig Welding, Laser Welding, Manual Arc Welding, Submerged Arc Welding Equipment Cluster

Main Equipment Brands: German Trumpf, German Kuka, American Lincoln, Swedish Esab, French Saffron, Japanese Kawasaki and Panasonic.


H-Shaped Steel Production Line

Technical Data of Straightening Machine
Flange Width 200-800mm
Flange Thickness 6-40mm
Minimum Web Height 200mm
Technical Data of Door-type SAW
Suitable for The Width of H Beam 200-800mm
Suitable for Length of H Beam 2000-15000mm
Suitable for Height of H Beam 200-1500mm
Technical Data of Assembly Machine
Flange Width 150-800mm
Thickness 6-60mm
Web Height 200-2000mm

Strip Overlay Welding Machine

Technical Data of Strip Overlay Welding Machine
Dia 8000mm
Weight 100t

Plasma Welding Machine

Technical Data
Weld Length ≤12500mm
Plate Butt Thickness 1-10mm

Deep-Hole Drilling Machine

Technical Parameters INNSE Italy DAE-YANG South Korea
X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis 6000 4500 1100mm 4000 3000 1000mm
Boring Diameter ≤Φ60mm Φ16-Φ80mm
Processing Depth ≤1000mm ≤1000mm

Multi-Drilling Machine [32Sets]

Technical Parameters INNSE Italy Shenyang Machine Tool GDC60130MD, GDC3070MD DAE-YANG South Korea
X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis 8000 4500 1000mm 13000 6000 500mm 7000 3000 500mm 6000 6000 800mm
Boring Diameter ≤Φ120mm ≤Φ100mm ≤Φ100mm Φ2 -Φ 100mm
Processing Depth ≤420mm ≤300mm ≤200mm ≤400mm


Technical Parameters of Bending Machine FACCN (Three Rollers) SERTOM (Four Rollers) HAEUSLER
Width 3200mm 4100mm 4250mm
Thickness 110/90mm 50mm 210mm


Turning and Milling

Technical Data Wuzhong Double Column Wuzhong Double Column Schess
Height 5000mm 6000mm 6500mm 3000mm
Load Bearing 160t 400t 600t 50t
Table Diameter Φ7200mm Φ10000mm Φ10000mm Φ3500mm
Max. machining Diameter Φ8000mm Φ12500mm Φ22000mm Φ4000mm
Simultaneous 3-Axis Simultaneous Motion 3-Axis Simultaneous Motion 3-Axis Simultaneous Motion 5-Axis Simultaneous Motion

Machining Capacity:Heat Treatment and Painting Platform

  • Heat Treatment: Furnace Sizes (30 X 6.8 X 6.5M), Maximum Temperature 1100℃, Temperature Control Accuracy ±20℃.
  • Sandblasting Room Sizes: 29 X 5.5 X 6M, 18 X 26 X 5M
  • Painting Room Sizes: 29 X 6 X 6M

Machining Platform:Gantry Machining, Floor-Type Boring and Milling Machine, Turn-Milling, Vertical Lathe, Deep and Multi-Hole Drilling Equipment Cluster

Major Equipment Brands: Germany Schiess, Italy Innse-Berardi, Pama, Japan Mitsubishi, Okuma, Korea Daeyang

Maximum Machining Height Width Between Columns Maximum Machining Length
Gantry Machining Center 7000mm 8000mm 50000mm
X Axial Y Axial Z+W Axial Maximum Load Bearing Boring Blade Diameter
Floor-Type Boring and Milling Machine 25700mm 8000mm (1800+2000)mm 250T ∅280mm
Height Load Bearing Maximum Machining Diameter
Turning and Milling Machine 6500mm 600T ∅22000mm
Vertical Lathe 4000mm 50T ∅5000mm
X Axial Y Axial Z Axial Drilling Capacity Working Depth
Deep-Hole Drilling Machine 6000mm 4500mm 1100mm ∅16-80mm ≤1000mm
Multi-Hole Drilling Machine 13000mm 6000mm 1000mm ∅2-120mm ≤420mm

Machining Capacity:General Installation

5000㎡ Constant Temperature Machining Workshop




Steel Processing



BBN is specialized in steel plate export. As a professional and reliable steel plate supplier, we have built cooperation with over 30 countries and regions, including USA, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar and so on.

For any steel plates we do not have in stock, we have developed relationships with a large number of manufacturers, mill depots, and master distributors, which enables us to locate and supply even the most unusual sizes and grades as per customer requirements - so called "one station" services...

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